PieHeart’s Mission
The mission of PieHeart is to help the United States and the World function at its highest and best.  PieHeart achieves this mission by providing ongoing opportunities to channel collective thoughts and energies to help bring about positive change.

How PieHeart works
PieHeart chooses an overall focus for each of its six-week cycles. During these six weeks, participants are asked to do a brief weekly meditation focusing on specific aspects of that overall focus. Participants refer to the PieHeart web pages for a detailed, step-by-step explanation of each week’s meditation. This ensures group focus and unity. Before each cycle begins, past participants will receive an email invitation containing details of the upcoming focus along with instructions on how to participate, if they choose to do so.

Many of the people doing the PieHeart meditation together are known as Guardians. Samuel has defined Guardians as those who have chosen to come here at this time of transition to serve this world and all life on it toward the completion of the Sacred Plan for this planet and all life force on it. Among the things Guardians are here to do are:

  • To function in Oneness
  • To always act in the highest and most loving ways
  • To release their ego
  • To detach from human driven desires.

Sacred Plan
The Sacred Plan is the original expectation for the Earth and all life force on it to ascend to a higher state of being, to Sacred Status. Sacred Status is achieved when all life force recognizes that they are Spiritual Beings of pure Source Energy, all connected in Oneness.

Setting Double Anchors
We do this at the start of the meditation. To do this, imagine that you are connected—anchored—by a white cord of Light from your heart to the star Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky; and also that you are connected by a white cord of Light going from your heart down into the center of the earth. See these connections as two-way (each a circuit of energy), so that you’re sending energy on those Light cords, and energy is returning back to you from Sirius and the Earth.